fredag 27 februari 2009

First Week

The first week have gone by, ive managed to import a maya model with animation into unreal 3. I have managed to conquer alot of problem. But one big problem still remains. Its about the aim rotation or what i should call it. Its when I aim with my character in 3dperson view it seems that the whole model is rotating instead of first rotating the upper body. Ive posted on the forums about this (yesterday) but no luck yet.

Though today i made som minor breakthroughs about the problem. Ive got my run animation to work to blend between diffrent running modes like runing left and forward at the same time. That concludes that ive managed to blend some animations.

It also seems that if you havent got all animation like "rotate_settle_rif" or "Rotate_Rif" the idle animation wont work at all, or just work the first time and when you turn your character and the rotate animation kicks in it will never come back to the idle pose. Therefore i maybe missed to make an animation

I have also had some thoughts about my animations. For example it seems that ut3 uses the "rotate_rif" animation with only 2 frames. I have also 2 frames but i dont know if ive done this the correct way. In maya i just keyed out 2 frames and digested 01-02 keyframes.

Iam gonna fix this problem!!