fredag 16 oktober 2009

Bator or something

Here is the next mob for Sanctum. He clocks in at around 3800tris. This is the second flying mob for Sanctum. He is a fast swift flyer. Enjoy

Design: Mikael "Gidzor" Mård
Modell and Textures: Mikael "Gidzor" Mård

söndag 11 oktober 2009


I wasent happy with the first result of the Headbobber so here comes a remake. This one isnt either completly finished. I have still some texture/color tweaking to do. But first i need to show it to my AD and discuss where to go from here.

torsdag 8 oktober 2009


Here is the next mob for Sanctum, the notorious headbobber :S. This bastard is a tricky one. The only way to hurt it is to shot at his head (the balls). But that is easier said then done since he allways keeps bobbing his head (balls)

Design: Mikael "Gidzor" Mård
Modell and Texture: Mikael "Gidzor" Mård

torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Ey check this out

Some updates on the textures and a new render. Today iam going to start on the next Mob for Sanctum

tisdag 29 september 2009

Some Sanctum Updated

Was a while ago i posted on my blog. I have done alot of work on different things, and here is some of it. It is the main Character for Sanctum. Since we are going to implement Coop we need a nice partner to look at :D. You can expect some more updated the coming months, since iam planning to make atleast two more characters for Sanctum, and two characters for myself.

This is the lowpoly version of the Character:

Concept: Johan Wahlbäck
Modell and Textures: Mikael Mård

tisdag 21 juli 2009

Some head training, i tried to do some diffrent types of heads, from women to men from fat to skinny. They are all done very fast, just to train on the basic shapes of a face

torsdag 9 juli 2009


Ive made this beast, he is going to be featured in a short animated movie that Joakim Sjöö and me is owrking on. Everything on this Beast is has been done by me, Enjoy

onsdag 3 juni 2009


||Modell, Normalmaps, Occlusionmaps: Mikael "Gidzor" Mård
||Textures: Emmy Bergström
||Rig, Animations: Joakim Sjöö
||Concept: Johan "Buckster" Wahlbäck

fredag 8 maj 2009


Things is moving along fine. We got out first beta up and running. Today ive managed to enlarge our walker, and adjusted the texture. But when i imported it to the game i found out that the collision cylinder has a limit. When i resize the cylinder on the height over 100 the bot stops moving. it just stands around looking stupid. But as soon as the collision height is under 100 the bot seems to work fine. That made me think that i needed to create another collisioncylinder on top of the old one. I searched the forums and found nothing. But after some hours of testing i managed to come up with this

YAY two collision cylinders.

söndag 3 maj 2009

Own Project

Here is a render of my own project the crowfighter

lördag 2 maj 2009


Alot has been going on, i havent had time to update this blog due to ive been working nonstop on the mod. Where to begin?. First of all the milestone of the project in school has been done (its now 5weeks into the project in school). I talked about the pipeline and about unreal 3 engine a bit. you can see the presentation of the game there.

Ive been doing alot since the last update. Ive modelled the second mob, and alot alot of props to go into the game. I will be updating very soon with screenshots of our mod. We havent post any screenshots cause we want the game to look really badass before we do it. We have come very far in the process and yet there isnt any big problems. We will be competing in makesomething unreal in the upcoming phase. Iam very exited.

måndag 6 april 2009

Week 6

This week has been a really thrilling week. Monday we meet up with the group and got our own workspace at the school. We have a dummylevel up and running and lots and lots of scripting has been done. Myself have worked on creating the first mob. It is now ingame and working with animation. I also started to work on the second mob, the modell is done with normalmaps, its just the textures left. Emmy in the group is the one who textured the first and the second mob.

lördag 28 mars 2009

Week 5

This week ive continued to work on the main character Skye. All the highpolystuff is done which will translate into a nice normalmap has been done, also the lowpolymodel (which you will see in the game) is nearly finished. We had a big meeting monday and a big meeting Thursday. We decided to name the game Sanctum for now. We also got our wiki up and running And the nex week we will finally get our room at the university and the work will step up a notch. From here on we will sit together and work at the university. I will start making the first mob next week and iam planning to finish him in about 2weeks from now. I hope earlier now that i got the pipeline down. Iam very exited for next week

lördag 21 mars 2009

Week 4

Alot of work has gone to the main character this week. We had a big meeting at the beginging of the week discussing schedule and other important things. The only problem i bumped in to was the attatchment of the head and the body (and still keep the detail). But after some time i managed to figure it out. I exported the head which i hade retopo inside of zbrush and then the lowpoly to maya, fixed up some small things in the topology over there, and finally i combined the highpoly head and body with subtoolmaster and exported the highres version to maya around 2.5milj polygons, right after i imported it to maya i exported it back to zbrush. Why i did this was due the fact that when i imported the lowpoly back in zbrush the size didnt match up with the highpoly, i have no clue why, but it seems that maya automaticly resized the lowpoly. Thats why i imported the highpoly so maya could resize it like it did with the lowpoly retopologized version. Back inside Zbrush i had 2versions (with the same size), one lowpoly with good topology and attatched head and one highpoly with bad topology and separated head. With retopotools in zbrush i did a projection to take the detail and apply it to the lowpoly.

After the body was done (its not done, its allways more fixing to do) i started on the armor. One problem we saw with the design was the huge hip armor, Its gonna be a big problem when animating her. I talked to our concept artist and art director and we came to a conclusion to split the armor piece into two pieces

lördag 14 mars 2009

Week 3

First thing this week on the agenda was to go through the custom weapon pipeline. I made this in one day, i made a nice catgun as a placeholder. Basically a rifle with a cathead at the end (just for fun) I didnt change the weapon type just imported own grafics with own animations. The weapon type is up to my designer companions though ive learned alot about UT3 scripting it is mainly up to them. The grafics was a rather simple thing to do especially after you had done the character pipeline. The only tricky thing was the firstperson hands with the rotaion and everything. I managed tog get a hold of some nice bones for maya that works with ut3 core characters. One thing thats really annoying which i aint used to yet is the diffrent world axis in ut3 and maya, and the fact that you can rotate your mesh inside maya, in scriting and inside the editor. Sometimes thats just confusing, espacially since the original weapons seems to be rotates completly wrong at first glance.

Next thing was to start on the main character. I began with the head and the base is now done, then ive worked a bit on the body. But the body isnt near finished, i will keep on working on the body next week aswell

tisdag 3 mars 2009

Week 2

Today i finally managed to overcome my problem with the aim rotation. In order to make it work you need to have the same bone names as ut3 does. At first i thought it was impossible to create your own character with own propotions and style. Because i thought that ut3 uses their aimoffset and that brought me to the conclusion that my arms would look wierd since my arms is alot longer then the characters in ut3, but somehow it seems to work even with my strange propotions on a character. Next step is to try the custom weapon pipeline since iam done with the character pipeline.

The rest of the week ive been working on getting our own towers in the game, which have worked out nicely. Creating my own tower meant some scripting which at first glance looked menacing, but after a while i started to get a hang of it. I managed to create my own tower with own animation and mesh, then i went on to sendning the towerplacehold over to one of my companions who is going to get som new guns on the tower.

I have also finally understood how the bones in ut3 engine works. One thing to think of when creating your own bones for ut3 in Maya is that they dont just change the joint oriantation infact they rotate the whole bone instead of working with joint orientaion.

fredag 27 februari 2009

First Week

The first week have gone by, ive managed to import a maya model with animation into unreal 3. I have managed to conquer alot of problem. But one big problem still remains. Its about the aim rotation or what i should call it. Its when I aim with my character in 3dperson view it seems that the whole model is rotating instead of first rotating the upper body. Ive posted on the forums about this (yesterday) but no luck yet.

Though today i made som minor breakthroughs about the problem. Ive got my run animation to work to blend between diffrent running modes like runing left and forward at the same time. That concludes that ive managed to blend some animations.

It also seems that if you havent got all animation like "rotate_settle_rif" or "Rotate_Rif" the idle animation wont work at all, or just work the first time and when you turn your character and the rotate animation kicks in it will never come back to the idle pose. Therefore i maybe missed to make an animation

I have also had some thoughts about my animations. For example it seems that ut3 uses the "rotate_rif" animation with only 2 frames. I have also 2 frames but i dont know if ive done this the correct way. In maya i just keyed out 2 frames and digested 01-02 keyframes.

Iam gonna fix this problem!!